Paisano’s Pizza’n Pasta – HISTORY

Paisano’s Pizza’n Pasta Restaurant has been serving our beautiful St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL – for over 47 years now !

At PAISANO’S Restaurant, PIZZA is just the beginning ! We feature 17 different Italian specialties, a half-dozen garden fresh salads plus our 20 item salad bar, 10 different subs, a dozen yummy appetizers and hot breads, scrumptious desserts, a lunch buffet, dinner specials, and YES, we have a KIDS MENU and kids pizza dough to play with too!

Please take a tour, meet the staff, or browse the complete menu. Be sure to visit our “Coupon” pages often, as they are updated regularly.

The next time you ask yourself  “Is there pizza near me?”  “Are there full liquor bars near me?” the answer is yes! Right here at Paisano’s.  So stop in and check us out.



Paisano’s Pizza `n Pasta has gone through quite a few changes over the years, (thanks to our customers)! We originally opened in 1974 as a carryout & delivery store on 62nd Avenue, offering 4 different size pizzas, plus spaghetti and ravioli. We now have over 60 individual menu items and that’s not even counting the gazillion ways you can order your pizza, plus a salad bar, lunch buffet and a full liquor bar!

But to go back to the real beginning, you’d have to go back to Michigan in the early `70’s and find a pizza delivery guy named Charlie. That’s were he started, and learned about the pizza business from the ground up.  Then when he moved to Florida, with little money and a lot of help from his father and brother, he opened the first store on 62nd Avenue.

We moved to our current location in 1979, and then expanded in 1981 to it’s current 3500 square feet and seating for 200.

Then in 1994 a kid started working for Charlie as a dishwasher. After a little hard work, he kept moving up, learning all aspects of the restaurant. Then in 2008 after 14 years of working at Paisano’s, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity to continue an idea and a mindset that was envisioned by Charlie. He had a goal and the resolve to overcome adversity and to succeed where others failed.

With a humble heart, he accepted this opportunity, this challenge and has been working hard to maintain the quality that you have come to expect and deserve ever since. (The American Dream is alive and well.)

So with that, I would like to give a special thank you to Charles Wesner and of course my mom, Jessy, who has been here through it all since the beginning and to all of the customers that make this possible. Thank you!

Charlie, his  Dad, and brother have since moved on to other endeavors, but the pizza was in our blood. We love making pizza, eating pizza, serving pizza, and knowing other families are enjoying our food. Now after over 47 years, we are still cooking just for you!

So come on in and give us a try and become part of our family! The next time you ask yourself  “Are there pizza places near me?” We are a fun family-friendly local restaurant anxious to meet your family.

You will find the same smiling faces every week, great Italian cuisine at a reasonable price, and always a fun, friendly, family atmosphere!